Bird Conservation No.5 2005

While it is probably unwise to single out a particular individual(s) among the many people who regularly contribute information to the BirdLife Botswana database, special mention just has to be made of the wealth of information that has been submitted by these two individuals. A month has not passed in the four years since BirdLife Botswana initially requested information, without a letter arriving in the post with the now familiar Selinda logo – a Great White Pelican – on the envelope. I always look forward to reading the contents, as their report is not restricted only to Birds of Concern – the occasional rarity or unusually large congregation of waterbirds or other remarkable observation always makes for interesting reading. If we had more regular contributors of this calibre, the number of ‘data deficient’ birds (birds for which we have insufficient information) encountered in the development of Botswana’s own Red Data Book for Birds would have been negligible (see Newsletter #2). There are many other people who regularly send in vital information too, and this note is not intended to be a slight on your valuable contributions. Let’s all work together to conserve Botswana’s birds! Pete Hancock.

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