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BirdLife Botswana remains active providing services to its members, which are the valuable mainstay of BLB. It is also heavily involved in education and outreach, and continues to undertake research and be involved in conservation. 

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Next walk update

Unfortunately we have had to cancel Sunday’s walk as restrictions are now more stringent than last time.  That is sad but it is for our own good.  Not more than two may meet at any place or time.

Next camp update

AGM Update

2021 calendar

Our theme remains “Garden birds”.  We still need contributions from member photographers, please!

Special offers

These are tough times for members in the tourist industry and we should try to support them if we can.  Added to that the Chobe/Zambezi system is in flood and the Boro River, which was almost dry a few months ago, is now flowing very strongly past Maun towards Seronga.  Appended above are some of the specials being offered at present.  You’ll not have another opportunity in your life time like this.  Please use it and add to your bird lists. Night Okavango Walking Safari and Some Kasane Specials.

Added to the above Khwai Villa have an excellent offer of two cottages for residents during this time.  Contact them at Airb&B, Khwai Villa.


District Council Presentation, Dead vultures incident near Mosu Village, World Wetlands Day,  Education awareness session 31st January 2020,    International Vulture Awareness Day ,  African Bird Club Supports Communities 

BirdLife Botswana statement on the recent vulture poisoning incident,   Press Release-World Migratory Bird Day.

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Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, November 7, 2020 (All day) to Saturday, November 28, 2020 (All day)

    Unfortunately we had to abort our AGM because of Covid-19.  We are now planning on having it in November and having a smart sit-down dinner at the same time.  We are organising a smart speaker to talk on a smart birding topic that evening after the AGM formalities have been concluded.  Please keep every Saturday in November free for this function when we can socialise properly. 

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Your Membership of Birdlife Botswana would be welcomed and acknowledged to reflect your interest in helping to preserve the diversity of natural resources in Botswana and in particular the many magnificent birds.

Report Poisoning Event

Use our online form to report any dead vultures you encounter. The more information you provide, the better we would be able to attend to the threats facing Botswana’s vultures. For more information about vulture poisoning and Human Wildlife Conflict Click Vulture Poisoning Manual Plan and Human Wildlife conflict pamphlet here. Or click here to see common areas reported for vulture poisoning incidents in Botswana.

Botswana's National Bird

Book Launch

OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIENCES WITH BIRDS BREEDING IN BOTSWANA Ken and Mel Oake P.O.Box 108  Maun, Botswana.mail. okavangoceramics@gmail.com 496 pages, including over 1,100 colour photographs.Format, A4 Binding: Flexi cover, stitched ISBN: 978-99968-0-804-3